Natural Neem Turmeric Soap | Handmade | Organic Soap | 100gm

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  • Softning,Anti-Acne,Deep Pore Cleansing,Skin Lightening,Oil COntrol,Skin Calming.
  • A potent mixture of powerful antioxidants, this soap delays signs of premature aging; while it also smoothes out wrinkles. Neem protect skin cells from age-related damage, while boosting production of collagen & elastin; maintaining the firmness & elasticity of the skin..Intense Pigmentation,Gentle On Skin,Skin Soothing,Skin Cooling,Purifying,Skin Brightening,Tones Skin,Healing,De-Tan.
  • The soap helps in detoxifying and absorbing excess oil, making your skin natural and fresh looking.
  • This soap, when used regularly, helps in fighting aging, making your skin tight and firm. It ultimately provides you with an even texture and smooth appearance.
  • It’s an ideal skin cleanser, use it to clean impurities and it is also an anti-aging ingredient, said to tighten pores and smooth the skin.
  • We craft each soap bar by hand in order to retain the full benefits of the natural ingredients and essential oils that we use.

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Neem extracts have been used in organic soaps for many years. It is ideal for treating skin disorders and daily skincare. Because of its nutritional effects on the scalp and skin, neem shampoo and neem soap are trendy cosmetics. Neem products are known to relieve itching and redness in irritated skins. Cracked and dry skin can be moisturized and made smooth by using neem soaps for the skin. Because of its disinfecting properties, skin problems caused due to fungus, parasite, or infection is cured quickly by Neem soap. * Most of us are afraid to look old and wrinkled. However, we cannot beat time and show signs of old age. The medicinal and nutritional properties of Neem oil reduces the effects of aging and do not let it reflect on the skin. Premature wrinkles and fine lines are also prevented by regular use of neem soapIndianlife Neem Bar is Made of Neem leaf and Nimboli Paste (Fruit of neem tree). and for the organic base, we use Virgin coconut oil, Essential neem oil, Vitamin E, Almond butter, Glycerine, extra virgin olive oil. Neem Bar Prevents dryness and makes skin soft and glamorous. Useful for Acne-Prone Skin. Cleanses skin and body of infections, toxins, and dirt. It removes dead cells and refreshes the skin. neem has deep cleansing & antibacterial properties, which very good for problem skin.


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