Goat Milk Soap| Enriched with Argan Oil & Vitamin C Licorice Powder-Best Soap for Skin Hydration & Nourishment 100grm

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  • Natural Skin Brightener .A transmutation to natural goat milk soap would truly revive your skin’s health
  •  A natural, toxin-free alternative to conventional soaps Crafted by ancient & ayurvedic ingredients having been in use for centuries, if not for thousands of years
  • Contains Lactic Acid Breaks off the bond that holds dead skin cells together, acts as an effective exfoliator
  • Repairs Skin Tissue: Vitamin A repairs damaged skin tissue and helps maintain a healthy skin
  • Goat milk soaps contains alpha hydro-acids, high proteins and vitamins that are well known for whitening, softening and rejuvenating the skin
  • Lactic acid present in Goat milk helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving the skin smoother and younger
  • It plays important role in the prevention of Premature Aging because of sun tan,dry or itchy skin.

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Goatmilk soap will maintain a moisture balance that results in smoother, softer skin. Skin will be less prone to liver spots, lines and wrinkles. The goat milk soap have rejuvenating effects on the skins’ cells — neutralizing free radicals, reconstructing collagen fibers and enhancing moisture retention.Goat Milk contains lactic acid that helps in replenishing skin.

Hydrating,Moisturising,Skin Lightening,Oil COntrol,Skin Calming,Anti-Ageing,Skin Forming.

This soap, when used regularly, helps in fighting aging, making your skin tight and firm. It ultimately provides you with an even texture and smooth appearance.

The soap helps in detoxifying and absorbing excess oil, making your skin natural and fresh looking.

It helps remove tanning, dark spots, and excessive oil from the skin reduces hyper pigmentation, and lightens the skin tone.

It’s an ideal skin cleanser, use it to clean impurities and it is also an anti-aging ingredient, said to tighten pores and smooth the skin.

We craft each soap bar by hand in order to retain the full benefits of the natural ingredients and essential oils that we use.




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