Kitchen Star High Action Dishwashing Liquid – 1L |Dishwash Liquid For Utensils | Dish Cleaning Gel

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Kitchen Star Lemon Dishwashing Gel is a product designed to help you effectively clean your dishes and kitchenware. It typically offers a range of benefits for your dishwashing routine.

Effective Grease and Food Removal: This dishwashing gel is formulated to cut through grease and remove tough food residues, making it easier to clean your dishes and kitchen utensils.

Fresh Lemon Fragrance: The lemon fragrance provides a fresh and pleasant scent to your dishes, leaving them smelling clean and invigorating your kitchen.

Powerful Degreaser: Lemon is known for its natural degreasing properties, which can help remove stubborn grease and oil stains from your dishes, cookware, and utensils.

Gentle on Hands: Some dishwashing gels are designed to be gentle on your hands, preventing dryness and irritation, which is especially important if you have sensitive skin.

Quick Foaming Action: The gel typically produces a rich lather quickly, ensuring that you can efficiently wash your dishes with less product.

Versatile Use: It can be used not only for dishes but also for cleaning other kitchen surfaces, such as countertops and stovetops, making it a versatile cleaning product.

Economical: Dishwashing gels are often concentrated, so you need only a small amount to effectively clean a large batch of dishes, making it an economical choice.

Long-Lasting: A single bottle of Kitchen Star Lemon Dishwashing Gel can last a long time due to its concentrated formula, saving you money in the long run.

Stain Removal: Lemon-based dishwashing gel may help with stain removal on dishes and glassware, leaving them looking cleaner and more appealing.

Environmentally Friendly: Some dishwashing gels are formulated to be eco-friendly, using biodegradable and environmentally responsible ingredients, and they may come in recyclable packaging.

Antibacterial Properties: Depending on the formulation, Kitchen Star Lemon Dishwashing Gel may contain antibacterial ingredients that help eliminate harmful bacteria, contributing to a hygienic kitchen environment.




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