Green Tea handmade soap bar with natural ingredients and essential oils |Paraben Free| SLS Free| Mineral Oil Free 100 grm

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  • Green Tea soap is filled with real green leaves extracts, regular usage helps in lifting up dead skin cells It helps in detoxifying the skin and the active ingredients repair the skin and rejuvenate the dead cells The aroma helps in reviving the mind, body & soul thus destressing the pressure.It also calms burn from the sun, keeps from maturing signs like wrinkles, dark spots, and so on. This soap is appropriate for all skin types.Green Tea Extract helps diminish the signs of aging, calms irritation, evens out discoloration, diminishes the appearance of cellulite, soothes redness and swelling, repairs damage, exfoliates, decreases the appearance and occurrence of blackheads.
  • Botanical green tea extract supercharge the soap with antioxidants and other soothing compounds that nourish your skin.It is extracted from natural herbs and combined with these herbs to become a natural and pure handmade soap.
  • Soothes and protects the skin, reduces sebum, and minimizes signs of aging. green tea is suitable for almost all skin types unless you have a known hypersensitivity to it.Green says not only is it safe to consume green tea daily, but it’s also safe to use in your daily skincare tea is best used in combination with other antioxidants because they work synergistically.
  • Rich in Antioxidants. Reduces Damaging Effects of Free Radicals that cause Premature Aging.Softens & Smoothes Skin.Treats Oily Skin . Clears Clogged Pores . Exfoliates Gently.
  • Skin Soothing,Skin Cooling,Purifying,Skin Brightening,Tones Skin,Healing,De-Tan,Anti Pollution.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant and thus prevents signs of ageing
  • Reduces acne and pimples and helps in calming down problematic skin, including pimples and acne.
  •  Absorb oil and dirt and functions as a deep cleanser giving a supple feel to your skin. Moreover, it is also efficient in removing tan and pigmentation. Green tea contains catechin (a natural antioxidant) with anti-bacterial agents that attack acne causing bacteria, besides reducing puffy eyes and dark circles. Again, there are added essential oils in the soap which continue to impart a healing and soothing experience to the skin.

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Green tree works as an anti-imperfection solution to achieving a clearer and healthy looking skin.The anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil make it useful in relieving the discomfort of itchy skin. It soothes the skin and can also help heal infections that cause itchy skin. Green Tea Works as a skin saver.this soap is effective in fighting acne and giving a blemish free skin.

Our range of handmade soaps are crafted to make you and your skin feel amazing in a variety of different ways, be it a perfect start to the day or a relaxing deep cleanse. The fragrant properties of our soap range are emotive, evocative, and beautifully distinct. We believe that using soap should be an experience—we craft each bar of soap not only to nourish the skin, but also to evoke a mood, to convey a sense of wellness in mind and body. We mix the ideal blend of oils, essential oils, and natural ingredients by hand to produce a range of nourishing soaps that are infused with unique characteristics. Your skin should be nourished by a soap that has been created with an artisanal level of care. We craft each soap bar by hand in order to retain the full benefits of the natural ingredients and essential oils that we use. We perfectly combine Hot pressed olive oil, coconut oil, rice bran oil, and cocoa butter,extracts in our soaps to really nourish your skin with a rich, hydrating lather, as well as provide the antioxidants, free fatty acids, vitamin E, and important to good skin care. 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free Always.


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